About LIA M.W.

LIA MW. polo shirt range has been tailored exclusively by women and for women.

We create for you: fun, colourful and girly polo shirt designs.
Our label is a subtle combination between traditional clothing and new fashion trends.

All our products are unique, created from scratch by a 15 years experienced fashion designer. Our creation team has been working with passion to imagine and design the brand’s universe.

Also, we want to make a difference in other girls and women’s lives. In this perspective, we are
supporting CAMFED, a charity dedicated to female education in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Creative Team

Aurore Martins

I am the company director. I have imagined and created this fashion label with these three very talented women. I have to say it couldn’t have been done without LIA M.W amazing creative team. Thank you for taking some time to discover their portraits. And a big thank you from us all to be part of this amazing adventure!

Michelle Ramsay

Michelle is a fashion designer who has over 15 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She is very passionate about her job and she helps small businesses and larger companies to create their private label collections. “Working as a freelance fashion designer and consultant is the best role I've ever had, and I am unashamedly proud to admit I really do love my job!".

Violaine Malié

Violaine is not only a web designer but she is also a blogger, a freelance business developer and a writer. She has had various experiences that make her a very good creative team member. She has been working on this project as our web and graphic designer.

Trazanne Norwood

Trazanne is an award-winning professional photographer, and an expertly trained professional digital artist. She is extremely talented, and she helped our ideas come to life : from our website pictures to our look book and social medias pictures. As a fashion blogger she also understands fashion trends and social medias promotion.


Our elegant polo shirts are easy to wear in any situation.


Our fabrics and designs have been selected to ensure your comfort.


We have created this range exclusively for you.